This Issue’s Cover – 72


Ode to the Legal Pad


Sometimes it’s the little things.


While reading David Carrico’s very amusing ‘Whodunnit?’ I was struck by the following passage, the feelings of a downtimer lawyer toward the new uptime technology he has embraced:


“Andy pulled one of his beloved legal pads out of a desk drawer—he could forgive the up-timers for a multitude of sins for bringing the concept of legal pads back with them and showing down-time papermakers how to make them-”


That’s a pretty strong statement. Even something as ubiquitous as a legal pad can play an important role in our daily lives, right up there with electricity and the automobile. I know I would be lost without my black ballpoint pens and spiral notebooks, or any number of little things- they add up to a lot!

With apologies to Rembrandt, I think of the fellow on the cover as one of Andy’s senior partners. I felt the need to have something written on that pad, so I went with their firm’s motto- Non Illegitimi Carborundum– Don’t let the bastards grind you down! Good advice, indeed!