Gazette Cover 58

Sowthe seeds of victoryThis issue’s cover features some text in German, so I thought I had best explain.

It is inspired by an old USA propaganda poster. I imagined someone at the Grantville Grange seeing it hanging on the wall and being inspired to do an updated version with the lady dressed in USE colors to promote new crops from up-time.

I asked our own Rainer Prem for help in translating it, and he kindly obliged. Here are some of his notes regarding his translation (slightly edited by me):

“…dropping the “Sow” in the first sentence sounds better.

Die Saat der Zukunft!

I’d drop the “raise” from the next part, because in German its meaning is too close to “plant” and would sound repetitive. The literal translation “aufziehen” implies activity, and is normally reserven for children or animal offspring, while plants “wachsen lassen” (let grow) sounds too passive in this slogan.

Pflanzt euer eigenes Up-time-Gemüse.

There isn’t a really fitting translation for “Grange.” “Bäuerliche Genossenschaft” sounds awkward. So I’d keep the American term.

And I suggest to add the postal address…

Schreib an die Grange des Landes Thüringen-Franken, Grantville, Postfach 321″

-I am very grateful for Rainer’s kind help. He was a bit concerned about what down-timers would think of the bare shoulders, but I decided to risk it. I am pleased that he liked the up-time touch of the baseball cap.