Welcome once again to the rollercoaster that is the 1632 Universe. The cars are starting so keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times as we take our tour of the universe that Grantville created.

This month, we’re featuring nonfiction, with articles by Iver Cooper, Walter Hunt, and Jack Carroll, as well as Kris Rusch’s monthly column. Iver’s contribution is the continuation of his “Fair or Foul” article “Observing Pressure and Wind.” Walter Hunt, whose day job is being the Librarian of his Masonic Lodge, gives us a detailed look at “Freemasonry in the 1632 Universe.” Jack Carroll’s article is “1636, Land Radio Communications in Europe,” just in time for the Ottoman invasion.

Fear not, however. There’s plenty of fiction this month, too. Starting with “Chafing” by Tim Roesch, which asks the eternal question, “Is Blaise Pascal a tomato?”

Anne Keener brings to life one of the great names in publishing, with the story of the Elzevier family and their reaction to the huge, rapid changes in the world of printing.

Eric S. Brown and Robert Waters return to Eric’s fastest man alive, with a new story, “Blood Brothers.” David Carrico continues his “Letters from Gronow” with Episode 4. Will Phillip get his novel published or will Cthulhu eat him for breakfast?

Mike Watson finishes up the story of Suhl Inc., with Part 3 of “SMC.” Garrett Vance continues his stories in the Time Spike universe, “First Cavalry of the Cretaceous, Part 5.”

Last but absolutely not least, Edward M. Lerner gives us a wonderful long novelette or short novella, depending. It is called “The Company Dick.” It’s a great story!

Enjoy your ride!