Welcome to the July issue of The Grantville Gazette! I’m your friendly tour guide to the wonders and sometimes head-shaking strangeness of the Ring of Fire. You would think that we are in love with the fiction of David Carrico by how many of his stories appear in this issue. And you’d be right. He continues to nail down what the 1632 Universe looks, sounds, and even smells like. In “Whodunnit?” he gives us another story about our favorite attack lawyer, Andy Wulff, and the case of the dogtag that went woof in the night.

In “Letters from Gronow, Episode 3” he again brings to life the diary of a young man who is desperate to become a science fiction writer—of the seventeenth-century variety. And in “Time May Change Me, Part 1” he and series author Charles E. Gannon discuss why the technology of the up-timers just isn’t taking over as fast as some people think it should.

Did I mention the dancing bear?

Also for your delectation in this issue, we have Mike Watson’s “SMC Part 2” continuing the story of the wild wild east, as the marshals and their friends and fellow investors start ‘Suhl Inc.’

Iver Cooper gives us both fiction and non-. His “Between East and West” talks about what has happened to the handful of samurai that accompanied a daimyo on his visit to Europe just at the time of the Ring of Fire happening. In non-fiction, we have “Fair or Foul, Part 1,” first in a four part series on meteorology.

Kristine Katherine Rusch gives us a review of the new Wonder Woman movie and gets down with it, and your host gives you a quick rundown on the Minicon at Balticon in an after-action report.

Last, we have Dominic diCiacca’s conclusion to “Time’s Angel” in the Universe Annex.

And did I mention the dancing bear?

We hope you enjoy this issue. Come back and see us again soon.