Welcome to another issue of the Grantville Gazette. This one is Gazette 99. Your humble editors are very proud of themselves because they were able to edit and produce an entire anthology of 1632 Christmas stories while getting this issue of the magazine done and out on time.

If you haven’t gotten your eBook copy of A 1632 Christmas click here to get one. If you want a trade paper version, they are available on Amazon.

Our next issue, of course, will be Gazette 100. It is a fairly amazing thing that we’ve made it this far. Nobody who was working on the 1632 project in 1999 would have predicted that the 1632 Universe would have such long legs and a very long tail. Yet we now have 30 novels and 19 braided novels, collections, and anthologies published by Baen Books, plus another 40 novels and 8 collections and anthologies from Ring of Fire Press. Including the Grantville Gazette, this comes to well over ten million words written by more than 200 individual authors, at Baen Books, Ring of Fire Press, and on the Grantville Gazette. And it just keeps on coming. We have authors from all over the world, too.

But this issue is number 99. Here we have some fantastic longer stories for you. Tim Sayeau’s “On the Walls of Wismar” may well be his best story ever, and one of the finest we’ve ever presented. What happens when the casual anti-Semitism of the seventeenth century comes smack up against the Holocaust?

In Chuck Thompson’s “The Monkey in the Bible” Inez Wiley realizes that one of her husband’s most-wanted books is intact in 1635, just like the Dodo. “Road Trip!”

Iver Cooper gives us one of his Japan stories, “Hatching Iron,” about getting iron workers to go to Japanese America.

In the Time Spike section, Garrett W. Vance pens the conclusion to “The First Cavalry of the Cretaceous.” He’s working on turning those stories into a novel for Ring of Fire Press, so keep an eye out for it.

In her column this month, Kristine Katherine Rusch takes a look at what has changed from January, 2020 to January, 2022 and wonders if we will ever get it back.

Once again, I want to thank you for going along with us on this adventure. Please remember to keep your arms and legs inside the car and don’t stand up when the car is moving. This rollercoaster is beginning to move.