Welcome to the 94th edition of The Grantville Gazette. We’re getting closer to the big 100. But ever since issue 1, we have operated a writers’ workshop to attract new authors to the Gazette, located on Baen’s Bar. Currently, the Bar is on hiatus due to an issue I won’t get into here, but that means that the workshop conferences are also on hiatus. We had thought to move to Discord, but we found that would not work. So we are hoping that the Bar will open up again soon.

In this issue, we offer “Faith, with Heretics,” by Virginia DeMarce and “The First Step” by Sean Little. Sarah Iovan gives us “Lady Wroth and the Revolution,” and George Grant writes “The Kreutzer” about a far-travelled coin.

In Serials, we have the last part of Michael Lockwood’s “The Puritan Voice.” Nonfiction gives us Iver Cooper on “Propane, Butane, and Natural Gas.”

Kristine Katherine Rusch gives us an excellent column in “Notes from the Buffer Zone.”

And in the Annex, Gustavo Bondoni presents “Shivering Cinderella,” and Edward M. Lerner gives us “Sock it to Me.”

As always, keep your hands and feet inside the car. The roller coaster starts . . .