Welcome to another edition of the Grantville Gazette! This month’s issue coincides with the 2019 Minicon, which is being held in conjunction with Westercon, Spikecon, NASFiC, and the Manticon. Hopefully, you’re there and we can meet and greet you.

In this edition of the Gazette, Bjorn Hasseler offers us “Researchers Temporal and Spiritual,” about a group of misfits, sent to Grantville as spies, who join together to solve mysteries.

In “Waking Up In Heaven,” Virginia DeMarce writes this month about the Kastenmayer family and Pastor Kastenmayer. It is great to have Virginia gracing the pages of the Gazette with her presence once again.

Also in this issue, we have the conclusion of “Apostate” by David Carrico. Marike finds out what Brother Caspar has in mind, and visits the Bible study group, accidentally rousing their attention and getting their help.

Iver P. Cooper gives us “Portable Power” as a non-fiction treatise. We learn what the up-timers and down-timers will be able to use, and what they won’t.

Kristine Katherine Rusch gives us another edition of her column, in which she tells us to “trust the storyteller.” She explains that “Avengers: Infinity War” is probably misnamed and that the story is better than the name. Read her column and see what she’s talking about.

In this month’s edition of “Hot Off the Press” Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press announces the most recent offerings and what’s coming up.

We have included the most up-to-date Minicon program listings, too. Check it out!

Finally, we offer from the Annex, “The Phantom of Barrington Light” by Mike Watson. This non-1632 Universe story is a look at what happens when a space-based light keeper learns about loneliness.

Enjoy your visit to the 1632verse, and remember to keep your arms and legs inside the car and your seatbelt fastened!