Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Seventeenth Century! In the five or six years since the West Virginia town of Grantville and its environs suddenly found themselves in the middle of Thuringia, and that the year was 1631, things have been wild and woolly and sometimes more than a bit crazy.

In this issue, in Tim Sayeau’s “Winging it in Wismar,” we present the return of Major Dag Rödvinge, who runs errands for the Emperor of the USE, Gustavus Adolphus, as he arrives in Wismar just in time to be a witness to the Krystalnacht that the Committees of Correspondence have decided to bring to Germany three centuries early, and on the other side, hanging Jew-Haters and Witch-Burners so that the Holocaust would never come to pass.

We also present Natalie Silk’s “With a Hammer, Everything Is a Nail.” This is the second installment in the story of Daniel Nahon, who is a good Jew but a bad businessman, in which he makes a friend.

David Carrico brings us part one of “Apostate.” What happens when some Grantville new arrivals find themselves falling in with some very sketchy citizens?

Iver P. Cooper gives us a terrific non-fiction piece about “Oil Prospects in the New World” as the USE and other nations will find them. And in “Notes from the Buffer Zone” Kristine Katherine Rusch talks about the love of neighborhoods, whether in New York City or Las Vegas or anywhere.

We will learn about what to read in this issue, what’s new at Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press, and what will happen at the Minicon.

You will get to see the finalists for the Best of the Gazette for 2018.

In the Annex, we present Edward M. Lerner’s “The Company Bane, Part Two,” and we also have a great story by Mike Watson entitled, “The Keeper of Barrington Light,” part one of a two-part novella.

So, welcome to Grantville and the USE. We hope you like the show.