Welcome to issue 75 of the Grantville Gazette! It is also the first issue of the year, and you are invited to join us in our journey back in time to the 1630s with the folks from Grantville and the millions of down-timers they have landed in the midst of.

We have some great adventures for you! In “Lex Talionis” David Carrico shows us what happens when the law just isn’t enough. When all else fails, call the CoC!

In “The Martians Are Coming,” we meet Kerryn Offord’s fairly odd group of special forces characters . . . and characters they are.

In “Kudzu Werke: Safety First and Always” Bob and Amanda Teeter take up the mantle of the stories and characters of the late Karen Bergstralh. They do a great job bringing Kudzu Werke back to life! Join us as we welcome this new chapter.

David Carrico concludes his serial, “Letters from Gronow” with the sixth installment. Will Gronow buy the story or not?

Iver Cooper concludes his non-fiction treatise on weather prognostication with “Fair or Foul, Part 4,” and Chuck Gannon and David Carrico continue their piece on technological change over time in “Time May Change Me, Part 2.” And Kristine Katherine Rusch gives us a column on what Joy Ward calls “techno-trauma.” Kris talks about having “gadget patterns” and demands that Apple quit messing with her phone—and “get off my lawn!”

And Bjorn Hasseler brings us up to date on the “Best of 2017” story nominations.

Welcome to 2018!