We’re going to Marcon! They asked for us! They’re excited! We’re excited!

Come be with us the weekend of May 9-11.

Check out the details here: http://marcon.org/wordpress/

The convention theme this year is “Technical Difficulties.” What could be more perfect for the 1632 crowd?

Schedule below:

1632 Schedule – Room is Taft C except for the autographing session


  • 8:00 pm – 1632 Autographing Session: Eric Flint and other 1632 authors


  • 10:00 – Military Technology and Practice, New Time Line vs. Old Time Line – Chuck Gannon, Walter Hunt, Griffin Barber, Jerry Akerman and Kevin Evans.
    • A discussion on how military practices of the 17th century will change due to new technology.
  • 11:30 – Weird Tech – Rick Boatright, Walt Boyes, Kevin Evans
    • Aqualator computers, stuff with steam power, different weapons, because the new time line 17th century isn’t going to develop the same way as the old time line
  • 1:00 – Steam: What it Really Is and What it Can and Cannot Do – Rick Boatright, Walt Boyes, Kevin Evans, Mark Huston, Walter Hunt
    • Steam is not all about gluing a gear somewhere. What can really be done with it? What are the costs in fuel and labor? Advantages? Disadvantages?
  • 2:30 – The Sociological Implications of the Ring of Fire – Walt Boyes, Chuck Gannon, Mark Huston
    • What the changes are in culture and society, what they mean and where they are going
  • 4:00 -Mughal India and tokugawa Japan in the 1630s – Iver Cooper and Griffin Barber.
    • What’s going on in Mughal India and Tokugawa Japan after the Ring of Fire.


  • 10:00 – Authors and their 1632 Stories – Chuck Gannon, Paula Goodlett, Gorg Huff, Griffin Barber, Jerry Ackerman, Walter Hunt, Mark Huston, Walt Boyes, Iver Cooper
    • What historical bits did and did not make it into the story and why
  • 11:30 – Snerking the Plots of the 1632 Universe – Eric Flint, Paula Goodlett, Gorg Huff, Mark Huston, Chuck Gannon, Walter Hunt, Iver Cooper
    • A discussion of what is coming up in future books set in the 1632 Universe