One of my favorite cities is New Orleans, LA, so I was pretty happy when Eric told the Edboard that was where we’re doing our annual mini-con.

Doubletree Hotel, New Orleans Airport, 2150 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, Kenner, LA, October 18 – 20, 2013.

Come see us, y’all.

Panels this year are going to be Weird Tech, two hours with Rick Boatright, Walt Boyes, Gorg Huff, Kevin Evans and no telling who else, in which we’ll have an AK4 among other things—like working steam engines! Also, two hours of Music of the Ring, with David Carrico as our presenter and all that wonderful, wonderful music. There’s going to be a whole panel on airships, hosted by Iver P. Cooper and Charles E. Gannon. Virginia is going to tell us how she built the grid; we’ll do “how to get published in the Gazette,” and the ever-popular “Snerking the Plots” with Eric. For details go here:

And then there’s the food . . .

Poor boys. Boudin. Sauces galore. Gumbo. Shrimp Etouffe. Heck, red beans and rice. . . . The bread. Oh, my word, the bread. Chicory coffee and beignets at the Cafe du Monde. Oh, and jazz. Lots and lots of jazz.

Drool, drool, drool. Gotta stop this, girl.

I gain pounds I don’t need just thinking about it. Not to mention all those happy feet over the jazz.

Y’all just gotta come on down, really you do.