Labor Day weekend
Atlanta, GA
See you there!

2011 Minicon Program Details

We believe the [W] stands for the Westin Hotel. All sessions are in [W] International A.
Anyone who wants to participate is welcome. Just show up.
4:00 pm ALT 1632: Chocoholics in 1632 – Withdrawal or Not?
5:30 pm ALT 1632: Money, Money, Money: The Invisible Hand
10:00 am 2.5 Hrs ALT 1632: Weird Tech
2:30 pm ALT 1632: Population Growth In The Early Modern Era
4:00 pm ALT 1632: The Little Ice Age
5:30 pm ALT 1632: Land Use In Early Modern Germany
10:00 am ALT 1632: Points East
11:30 am ALT 1632: Time Passed In The Past
2:30 pm 2.5 Hrs ALT 1632: Music Of The Ring
5:30 pm ALT 1632: Clothing Of The Times
10:00 am ALT 1632: Snerking The Plots
11:30 am ALT 1632: How To Get Published In The Gazette
1:00 pm ALT 1632: Back To Basics