It’s about that time again! Time for a 1632 mini-convention. This year we’ll be at NASFIC/ReConStruction, August 5 – 8, in Raleigh, NC.

The website for more information is:

We’ve proposed a schedule of panels to the organizers, which is listed below. We hope to see you all there! Aside from panels, there’s usually enough time to sit around and talk about the Gazette, the 1632 Universe, and the forthcoming books.

Thursday Afternoon:

Kevin Evans/Steam in the 1632 Universe

Karen Evans/Chocolate—Not As Easy As You Might Think

Friday Morning

Karen Bergstralh/Agriculture in 1632

Karen Bergstralh/Horses and the 17th Century

David Carrico/Music—No, Rock is Not Popular . . . Yet

Friday Afternoon

Rick Boatright/Weird Tech in 1632

Rick Boatright/Weird Tech in 1632 (Hugely popular topic, so we gave it two hours this year.)

Virginia DeMarce/Research, Research, Research—We Mean It.

Saturday Morning

Virginia DeMarce/Time Passed in the Past

Garrett Vance/Art in the Grantville Gazette

Karen Bergstralh and Virginia DeMarce/Demographics in Germany

Saturday Afternoon

Virginia DeMarce/Clothing of the Times

All of us/How to Get Published in the Grantville Gazette.

All of us/Snerking the Plots—Shhh!

Come join us!