Grantville Gazette, Volume 27, 1 January 2010

Table of Contents


The Anaconda Project, Further News by Grantville Gazette Staff

Adagio by David Carrico

Two Left Feet by Iver P. Cooper

The Truth About That Cat and Pup by Virginia DeMarce

A Friend in Need by Jack Carroll

The Money Franchise by Kerryn Offord

McAdams’ Blue Cheese Mine by Terry Howard

Water Conservation by Ray Christiansen


No Ship for Tranquebar by Kevin and Karen Evans


Industrial Alchemy. Part 4: Organic Chemical Feedstocks and Product Timeline by Iver P. Cooper

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate (Why the Ottomans aren’t Talking to Grantville) by Panteleimon Roberts

Stallions vs Geldings as War and Riding Horses by Karen Bergstralh

‘Tis Brillo, ’tis Brillo

‘Tis Brillo, ’tis Brillo by Grantville Gazette Staff