Visit to see all the great books we’ve published in the last few months. Books by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett; Mirella Sands; Michael Ventrella; Ryk Spoor; Garrett Vance . . . and more.

Coming up, we have a great lineup of new books destined for the Spring and Summer!

Arachne’s Webs is the next installment in the Pandora’s universe. Gorg and Paula have outdone themselves here.

Ryk Spoor’s concluding volume in the Demons of the Past series, Retribution will be out soon and ties up all the loose ends in the series. It is some of Ryk’s best writing.

Another example of Ryk’s best writing is his hero novel, Legend, which will be coming out in late Spring.

David R. Palmer’s long-awaited novel, Tracking, is in final preparation and will be along very soon.

In August, we’ll be publishing the novelization of Edward M. Lerner’s The Company Man—parts of which have been serialized in the Grantville Gazette. This is a straight-up hard detective story that will drag you kicking and screaming through the Asteroid Belt.

David Gerrold has given us one of his best, Ganny Knits a Spaceship, and it will be coming along in the early Spring.

Hillbilly Philosopher: The Jimmy Dick Stories, by Terry Howard is in final preparation. Grantville’s famous hick philosopher accidentally causes a war between a Scottish clan and the City of Bremen . . . or does he? Some of the stories were originally printed in the Grantville Gazette, but there are new ones, specially written for this volume.

And we have coming up a spectacular first novel by longtime super-fan, Shoshana Edwards. Death in the Water: a Harper’s Landing Story is about a small farming community in Northeast Missouri that harbors a big secret. And better yet, Shoshana reports she’s almost done with the second volume in the series! It is called Orchard at the End of the World.

Up-Time Pride and Down-Time Prejudice, a new novel by Mark Huston, is under contract, and is in copyediting. It will be out, hopefully, in time for the 1632 Minicon this July 4th Weekend.

We have the next installment in the WarSpell series: The Vampiress of Londinium by Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff.

And last but certainly not least, Virginia DeMarce has turned in her novel, Legions of Pestilence, which covers all the action swirling around the main line stories from Copenhagen to Besançon, from Amsterdam to Grantville to Milan. The down-timers learn much from up-timers they’ve hired to work for them. And all the time, Diane Jackson and the other anti-plague crusaders keep trying to keep plague out of the USE—and the rest of Europe if they can. We expect to have this one published before the Minicon, too.