Recently, we have had some new authors joining the Ring of Fire Press team: Bethanne Kim, J. Dharma Windham, and some authors back for another book, like Shane Gries, David R. Palmer, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett, and Nathan B. Dodge.




Jenny Dolf doesn’t like being a girl. She doesn’t like the social restrictions and she just plain doesn’t feel like one. So, she runs off to join the Continental army and participate as a soldier in the American Revolution. She takes the name of Jack Dolf, and from then on thinks of herself—himself, rather—as a man.

Armed with the musket made by Jack’s grandfather, he serves in a unit calling itself the Perthmen and he’s part of George Washington’s force crossing the Delaware and fighting the Battle of Trenton. Jack suffers privation and the loss of comrades, learning in the process about the cause that the continentals are fighting for: the notion that all men are created equal and the ideas of freedom contained in the pamphlets of Tom Paine.

But when Jack is wounded in the battle at Princeton her secret is discovered and she’s sent home. Freedom only goes so far, it seems. After some adventures, Jack makes his way home to Boston and his family, returning to her role as Jenny. But she has the consolation of having been to war and making it home again. She figures she can do anything now.







With two years left to go at the College of Wizardry in the University of Kronisburg, Cordelia Cooper is called back to Pango Island. The people she left in charge of her case have proved less than trustworthy and the sea elves and the lizardmen were not being treated fairly.

Interrupting her studies to go around the world to get back to Pango Island wasn’t something she wanted to do but she didn’t have a lot of choice. She had an obligation to the sea elves and the lizardmen. To make things worse, the arrogant and self-righteous Intercessor of Noron, Miguel Cordoba, has decided that it’s his duty to accompany her on her “noble quest.”

From Kronisburg to the Kingdom Isles, from the Kingdom Isles to adventures in Amonrai—and all that’s before they even get to Pango Island and find out what’s happened to the sea elves. What’s happened isn’t good and Cordelia and Miguel are honor bound to do something about it.

The Governor of Pango Island is about to be Schooled in Magic.






A tech billionaire discovers a zero-sum energy device from wreckage located at the bottom of the world’s deepest oceanic trench…

Deeper than Mount Everest is tall.

The United States Navy sends for Mallory Capehart, their best salvage officer… Commander Mallory Capehart USN.

She is haunted by memories of a past disaster that killed everyone on her dive team and suffers from acute PTSD.

Her mission? To raise and recover the wreck of a legendary vessel.

Mallory accepts the top-secret assignment to do the impossible and no one knows whether she’ll succeed. Adding to her problems are the Chinese and Russians who also want the zero-sum energy device. And Mallory isn’t quite sure who’s side some of her teammates are on.






The final showdown between competing factions of a banished star nation erupts in an apocalyptic bloodbath in the orbit of Renas, as the survivors of a destroyed empire slaughter each other over the scraps of what remains. A broken fleet of crippled vessels with thousands of crewmembers abandoned to their fate, finally arrive in-system to bring to justice those who left them behind so many years before, marooned in space.

The planet of Renas—the prize in this gargantuan struggle—is being torn apart, its people manipulated by unimaginably advanced visitors from the stars. The citizens of this lonely world are thrust into another global conflagration, fueled by ambition, greed and military technologies never before dreamed of. Those who stand for what is just and right, resist in the face of suicidal odds and relentless conquest.

In the end, the contest will be decided by indomitable spirit and a ruthless desire to survive.





Jason Wood was used to working with the police, as an expert in data retrieval, image analysis, and system security. It was a comfortable, usually safe, and thoroughly rational and scientific existence.

But then an informant showed up dead on his doorstep, a photograph didn’t show someone who’d been in the viewfinder when the picture was taken, and Jason’s logical, sensible world was suddenly turned upside-down.

Against things that violate the very reality he thought he understood, Jason has only three weapons: his best friend and would-be mage Sylvie, his talent for seeing patterns… and his ability to think beyond the pattern and see a solution that no one else imagined.


Upcoming, we have the second volume of Nathan B. Dodge’s “Subway” series, Subway to the Stars, Bjorn Hasseler’s next NESS novel, Security Threats; new author R. K. Smith with a near-future thriller, No Place to Die; and J. Dharma Windham has a complete change of pace from Captain Nemo to an alternate history of the famed Egyptian pharaoh, Cleopatra: Reluctant Goddess, Book One of the Kleopatra Chronicles.

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