Ring of Fire Press Marches On!

We are beginning to publish nearly one new title a week. Here’s some of the forthcoming titles we are offering!

Blood’s Cost

by David Carrico

Paperback Release Date: July 1, 2020

eBook Coming Soon!

Duncan corNial, an exiled highlands clansman, now belongs to the Blues, a religious order which believe he is an avatar of the ancient gods. As he trains in the order’s teachings, improving his martial as well as his spiritual skills, his initial skepticism changes once he finds himself in contact with an aspect of the divine.

While he trains, his brother Llêw joins the Highland Guard of the city of Nika. Llêw is killed in a rebellion by some of the leading nobles of the city, but not before he saves the princess who is now the only surviving member of the royal family. The girl takes refuge in the fortified Temple of the Moon, which is soon placed under siege.

Upon receiving the news of his brother’s death, Duncan leaves the Blues in order to muster whatever forces of the highland clansmen will join him. His hope is that those forces, combined with his own martial prowess and spiritual powers, will enable him to avenge his brother’s death and restore the rightful heir to the throne.

After Hastings

by Stephen H. Silver

Paperback Release Date: July 10, 2020

eBook Coming Soon!

The victory of King Harold over William the (Would-be) Conqueror at Hastings in 1066 sets in motion an ever-expanding cascade of events—beginning with a conflict with the Papacy. Rome’s envoy to England, the papal legate Hildebrand, refuses to recognize Harold’s right to the island kingdom’s throne.

Harold didn’t back down from William, and he’s not going to back down now. He brings to England a Scottish monk, Colum-cille, setting underway a renaissance of the Celtic Church that hasn’t been seen since the Synod of Whitby.

As Colum-cille creates in England a church with a decreased importance for clergy and an increased emphasis on monasteries, Harold must deal with a Grand Alliance put together by the Papacy. The English earls and clergy are split between those who support Harold and those who are unhappy with his decision—and far from the island, Harold tries to form his own alliances with the Moors in Spain and the Byzantine Empire.

What next? It would have been so much simpler if William had won at Hastings like he was supposed to.


by Marella Sands

Paperback Release Date: July 20, 2020

eBook Coming Soon!

Baton Rouge is the most alien place agent Delilah Thorn has ever been. Everything from the local cuisine to the alligators to the French-speaking populace works to keep her off-balance. Thorn is surrounded by potential enemies, a religion she does not understand, and deceit. Can she succeed in sorting through the conflicting information to understand why Louisiana has begun closing its death camps and has started to forge its own way independent of the rest of the Confederacy?

Dane Rook has finally been cleared to go into the field full-time. Though it means time away from his personal life, he is excited to get back to what he does best, this time in a place he’s never before visited: Louisiana. He is to be back-up to his old partner, Delilah Thorn. But forces conspire to keep them apart and his mission appears to be over before it even begins.

The bayous hold many secrets, and their waters are deep and dark. Can Rook find Thorn, and together, can they determine who is friend, who is foe, and do their part to support those trying to bring Louisiana out of the darkness?

This is the third in the series. Others include Perdition and Purgatory.

The Newton Cipher

by Steve Ruskin

Paperback Release Date: August 1, 2020

eBook Coming Soon!

Historian Trina Piper is summoned to the British Library to authenticate a coded manuscript believed to be authored by none other than Isaac Newton himself. At the same time, London finds itself in the grip of a series of ghastly murders.

When a malicious Russian scholar appears and demands the manuscript, Trina becomes the target of his wrath. She soon realizes that Newton’s papers and the terrible murders are connected, and both hint at something far more ominous: a secretive Order dedicated to reviving alchemy for sinister purposes.

Caught between ancient magic and a shadowy cabal, Trina must find a way to save not only herself, but all of London. With the help of Ulrik Stander, a handsome and resourceful agent from Interpol’s Art and Artifacts Division, she rushes from Westminster’s fog-filled alleyways to the hallowed halls of Cambridge University in a race to prevent a forgotten seventeenth-century plague from being unleashed on modern London.

As Big Ben ticks down, she discovers that Isaac Newton carried a secret so dark he buried it beneath layers of stone and forbidden magic. But now the secret is out and people are dying.

Will Trina have enough time to solve the mystery before disaster strikes?

We have even more in the wings for you, so check our website often!