Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press has had a wonderful 2018, and we’re powering into 2019 with new 1632 books and science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history that aren’t in the 1632 Universe.

We will have two new David Palmer books, Threshold and Tracking, both of which have been turned in and are in the process of editing and setting. You’ll see them in a month or so.

We’ll also have two more from Ryk Spoor: Demons of the Past: Retribution and Legend.

We will also have a great debut novel from Shoshana Edwards called Harper’s Landing, which was recommended to us by Tim Powers, and I have to tell you it is very good indeed.

In 1632 Universe novels, we have the long-awaited Jimmy Dick stories, and we have several more in process that I can’t talk about yet.

So, please visit our catalog and pick up some great reading!