In this edition of HOEFRoFP, the releases are starting to ramp up! The first is the reissue of David R. Palmer’s famous Emergence, which has been awaited greatly.  You can get it on Amazon, and soon on our website and from Baen eBooks. We are now working on Palmer’s Threshold which is scheduled for this fall.

This month we’re releasing Iver P. Cooper’s The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon. This 1632 Universe short novel takes place in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Southern China. It is a love story between Juan, a Spanish soldier, and Mingyu, the daughter of a Chinese pirate chieftain. Does the soldier get the girl?

We are pleased to announce that we have signed three well-known writers who will be providing us with great novels for you to read.

First, Ryk Spoor, who is well-known as a collaborator with Eric Flint, has given us the next two volumes in the Demons of the Past series. Demons of the Past: Revolution will be coming out in a month or so, followed by Demons of the Past: Retribution.

Next, Marella Sands, author of Pandora’s Mirror, Fortune’s Daughter, and Serpent and Storm,  gives us a wonderful alternate history of the United States, where George McClellan became president in 1864, and the country never really came back together. In the present day, the Union and the three fragments of the Confederacy are at each other’s throats. Perdition is a sure nominee for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

Last, but not least, Michael A. Ventrella gives us Big Stick, a rollicking steampunk alternate history starring Teddy Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman and Samuel “Mark Twain” Clemens. Who stole the Navy’s dirigible? Who is the Auntie? And what is the Big Stick? Hang around with us and you’ll find out.

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