Happy 2020! We hope you’re enjoying the Grantville Gazette. It’s also time to look back at Volumes 81-86 and make your nominations for Best of 2019. Please send your nomination to walt@waltboyes.com or bjorn@1632.org. Nominations are open until April 1. We will post the finalists in Grantville Gazette 89, coming out May 1, 2020. You’ll get to vote for one, and then we’ll announce the winner.


2019 stories include:


Grantville Gazette 81, January 2019

The Vengeful Oath by Michael Lockwood

Botanical Liaisons by Caroline Palmer

Exemplars by Bjorn Hasseler

Two Men Walk Into a Beer Garden And . . . by Natalie Silk

Newcastle’s Call by Iver P. Cooper

The Company Mole, Part 2* by Edward M. Lerner

To Talk With Crowds* by S. L. Byrne


Grantville Gazette 82, March 2019

Rock and Roll Barbie by Joy Ward

The Railroad Business is Murder by Michael Knopp

Clique, Clique, Boom by Bjorn Hasseler

The Savage Oath by Michael Lockwood

The Company Bane, Part 1* by Edward M. Lerner

Sh/ft* by J. D. Jordan


Grantville Gazette 83, May 2019

Winging It In Wismar by Tim Sayeau

With a Hammer, Everything is a Nail by Natalie Silk

Apostate, Part 1 by David Carrico

The Company Bane, Part 2* by Edward M. Lerner

The Keeper of Barrington Light* by Mike Watson


Grantville Gazette 84, July 2019

The Researchers Spiritual and Temporal by Bjorn Hasseler

Waking Up In Heaven by Virginia DeMarce

Apostate, Part 2 by David Carrico

The Phantom of Barrington Light* by Mike Watson


Grantville Gazette 85, September 2019

Angels Watching Over Me by Virginia DeMarce

A Pilum for Your Sternum by David Carrico

Vicious Practices by Tim Sayeau

The Blue Room, Said the Wishmaker* by Yaroslav Barsukov

The Ghost He Knew Best* by Marella Sands

Easy As Pie* by Shoshana Edwards


Grantville Gazette 86, November 2019

Donauwörth or Bust by Terry Howard

The Redemption of Bobby Jones by Michael Lockwood

Der Teufel by Robby Klotz

Broken Strings by Meriah Crawford and Robert E. Waters

A Puritan Voice, Part 1 by Michael Lockwood

Ein Feste Burg, Episode 24 by Rainer Prem

Requiem (an Honor Harrington story)* by David Carrico

Where the Lilacs Do Not Bloom* by Yaroslav Barsukov

*Universe Annex stories