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1632 Universe Books


Monster Society

Written by: Eric S. Brown, Robert Waters, and Anna G. Carpenter

The year is 1635. The event known as the Ring of Fire is four years behind us, and yet, there are still strange occurances taking place.

Enter the Gesellschaft der Ungethüme, The Monster Society, a Live Action Role-Playing group (LARPers) who have sworn an oath to protect Grantville and its shadowy surrounds from ghouls and goblins, vampires and villians, and scary monsters that lurk in your attic, your mind, or beneath your bed. These intrepid down-timers team up with up-timer Natalie Clinter to keep the citizenry safe from the evils of the real world.

Fear not, desperate citizens . . . The Monster Society is on the case.


In Iver P. Cooper’s latest alternate history novel, a new contribution to Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe, the romance between Juan Cardona, an officer in Spain’s Manila garrison, and Huang Mingyu, a young, beautiful Chinese woman, is threatened when a Dutch-Japanese force launches a surprise attack on seventeenth century Manila. Manila falls and Juan is rescued by Huang Mingyu, who proves to have hidden talents and connections. It is then up to Juan to warn the incoming Manila galleon of the Dutch-Japanese threat before it blunders into Manila Bay, and to prove his worth to Mingyiu’s family—who have interests of their own in the region. . . .

Will true love prevail when Japan (the chrysanthemum), Spain (the cross), and China (the dragon) come into conflict?


The West Virginians from Grantville have met many historical personages since the small town was flung back in time and into a new universe. But the down-timers have, too. Cardinal Richelieu cannot decide whether he likes Charleton Heston or Tim Curry better as Cardinal Richelieu. So, when the King is murdered on the way to see his unborn son, and the cardinal is gravely wounded, who else would the cardinal’s friends call on but D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers! The dynamic foursome is charged with saving the cardinal and getting him out of the reach of evil King Gaston. Even the cardinal’s robe gets its share of adventures!

Will D’Artagnan and his three friends win out and save the cardinal?




Science Fiction


Sasham Varan was a patriot, a true believer in the Reborn Empire. But after a secret project both gave him outlawed psionic powers and revealed that Prime Monitor Shagrath, head of the Monitor Corps and right hand of the Emperor, was a monster hiding behind a human face, Varan became a fugitive and the most-wanted man in the Empire. With the aid of the enigmatic trader The Eonwyl, reptilian psi-scientist Sooovickalassa, and the immense and far too dangerously cheerful astrophysicist Guvthor, Varan must discover the true nature of Shagrath and his invisible allies—and a way to fight them.

And back home, in the center of the Empire, Taelin Mel’Tasne—Varan’s closest friend—begins his own perilous quest to work his way to the center of Shagrath’s plans . . . without even understanding what he faces!

Varan will meet new allies, old enemies—and eventually must seek out a world that became nothing but legend and myth eighteen thousand years before, to find the answers he must have . . . before returning to face an even more terrifying danger!


From The Journals Of Candidia Smith-Foster:

“By now the reader is probably wondering who or what H. post hominem might be. Or (at very least) me. Viewed in that light, introductions are in order:

“Name: Candidia Maria Smith-Foster. Born 11 years ago to Smiths; orphaned six months later; adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Foster—‘Daddy’ and ‘Momma.’ Been known as ‘Candy’ since first breath.

Homo post hominem is new species, apparently immune to all ‘human’ disease, plus smarter, stronger, faster, etc., emerging to inherit Earth after H. sapiens eliminated selves in short, efficient bio-nuclear war. Am myself Homo post hominem. Rode out war in Daddy’s marvelous shelter, now engaged in walkabout, searching for fellow survivors. Of which reader must be one . . .

“Tomorrow morning, though not now. Tired. Disappointed. Perhaps just bad day: too long, too many expectations. Too much letdown.

“Never mind. Tomorrow is another day—Pollyanna lives!

The original Emergence novella, Volume I herein, and its sequel, Seeking, Volume II, were published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. Both earned Nebula Award nominations, Hugo Award nominations, as well as Philip K. Dick Award nominations for best new writer. In addition to those nominations (and coming in second in the final Hugo balloting in 1985), the Emergence novel won the Balticon’s Compton Crook Award for best first novel.


Alternate History


By Marella Sands

The Union ambassador is missing.

More than a hundred years after the McClellan-Davis Accords ended the Civil War, tensions are still high between the Union and the Confederacy. But recent trade agreements and personnel exchanges have made both sides hope that good relations can be restored. That is, until the Union ambassador vanishes one night from the embassy in Perdition.Two agents are sent to investigate his disappearance. Delilah Thorn, a video surveillance analyst with zero field experience, has no idea why she’s been sent on this operation, but her unshakeable faith in the Union convinces her that she must somehow have the right skills for the job. Her new partner, Dane Rook, is a seasoned veteran with a mysterious background—and a whole lot of skepticism about what their assignment entails.

They’ve barely crossed into the Confederacy when the whole mission goes to hell. Separated, trapped in a hostile nation with no weapons or supplies, they slowly learn a terrible secret about the government just across their own border. Their lives depend on separating friend from foe and discovering the limits of their own endurance. Can they figure out not only how to survive, but also how to become agents of change in a brutal society that the world has left behind?


The German-Japanese Axis rules the world with an iron hand. Levi Fischer, one of the last Jews in the Alaska Prefecture, works hard, keeps his head down, and hopes the Japanese overseers do not notice him. All is well until a fateful, snowy night when a dying Japanese manager bursts into the small wooden office where Levi is quietly doing his job. Levi is propelled into the center of a plot he would never willingly join.

Fans of the Phillip K. Dick novel The Man in the High Castle will enjoy this visit to a time and a place where a single misstep can cost a life.










Sonata Diamante is a thief and swordmaster. She serves her nefarious wizard uncle, Borshen Galo, doing his “dirty work” in the shadows of Cragsport. But when she stumbles upon a strange silver mask, her world shatters. Now, she’s on the run. With the aid of her bullmastiff companion, Fellfang, Sonata must discover the truth behind the mask’s origin.

Her journey south into the enemy province of Pontaboro will test her mettle, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Sonata must confront not only the evils wrought by the mask, but must face the truth of her own origin. Who is Sonata Diamante? And could she be even deadlier than The Masks of Mirada?

Only the gods know.


A new series by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett! It’s January of 1372 and the space-time continuum has been breached by a great rift. Demons, imps, and spirits, evil and benign, spill into the universe from the netherworld.

In Paris, a series of grisly murders that couldn’t possibly be performed by a human, no matter how depraved, leads the Grand Chatelet and his men to try and raise a demon of their own to learn how to combat the creature that is terrorizing the city.

Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately—the demon who is summoned brings with him a van from the Paris of the twenty-first century. The van contains a modern-day drama teacher, her son, and eight precocious high school students—along with all of their electronic devices.

Soon, their laptops, tablets and cell-phones become possessed by imps and spirits of the netherworld, some of whom are brilliant and all of whom are insatiably curious.

Now it’s a race to see which pack of outsiders can create the most turmoil in the late Middle Ages—monstrous demons or precocious teenagers who soon have their own allies and followers among the ranks of demonkind.



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