One of the few industries that has grown with the pandemic is the publishing industry. We are grateful to all of the people who are quarantining themselves against the spread of COVID-19 for buying our great books and letting us grow.

We are growing. Starting very soon, we will be releasing three books a month, rather than two. And the titles we are offering are wonderful!

So, here are some of our Forthcoming list:

Blood’s Call by David Carrico

Duncan corNial, the son of Clan Ailane’s warleader, has been exiled because of the enmity of other clans. Leaving the Highlands, he finds refuge in the nearby city of Nika, where he makes a new life for himself as a swordmaster and bounty hunter.

Meanwhile, back in the Highlands, his younger brother Llêw joins the Highland Guard, an elite body of guards assigned to the royal court in Nika. But before Llêw can get to Nika, Duncan kills a lord’s son in a bar fight and flees, joining a caravan headed south to the country of Cantredd. As a guard for the caravan, Duncan has further adventures in company with the caravan merchant, Guthsund. While defending a woman under attack, Duncan is badly wounded—and after help arrives from the Blues, the religious society she belongs to, he will discover that strange things happen around them.

Dark Day, Bright Hour by Julie Frost

Derek’s been secretly storing up power for millennia, because he wants revenge on everyone on his list—and it’s a very long list.

But as a low-level crossroads demon, his chances of success are pretty much zero. Now he’s stuck escorting three idiots through Hell: a condemned hitman, a choir girl cast into the Pit by a clerical error, and her guardian angel—with whom Derek has a history, thanks very much.

With an infernal rebellion looming, along with a premature Armageddon, the black and withered thing Derek used to call a conscience rears its stupid head. Now he has a choice…

Rescue friends he never thought he’d have from a boss he never thought he’d defy. Or let it all burn and dance in the ashes.

And we are very happy to have another book by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett: The Demons of Constantinople. This is a sequel to The Demons of Paris.

In the year 1372, the space-time continuum has been breached and demons of all kinds, evil and benign, spill from the netherworld into the human one. Pucorl, one of the demons who comes across the rift, accidentally brings with him a van from the Paris of the twenty-first century. The van is filled with a drama teacher, her son, and eight high school students—along with all of their electronic devices.

Soon, more demons arrive, many of whom are entranced by the electronics of a future world. Laptops, tablets, and cell-phones—not to mention the van’s equipment—become possessed by imps and spirits of the netherworld.

After defeating the demon lord Beslizoswian and the French prince he had seduced to evil, Pucorl and his teenage allies from the future go to Constantinople. Perhaps in that great city full of scholars they can find the means to close the rift between the universes.

But when they arrive, they find that Constantinople is a nightmare of its own. Imperial intrigues abound, as do those of the Church’s patriarchy. Still worse, the city is plagued by demons and sorcerers of all kinds. And to cap it all, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire has enslaved an afreet and plans to use the great ancient monster to conquer the Byzantine Empire—starting with Constantinople itself.

I’m chortling and rubbing my hands together because we have some fantastic books coming after these!

How about a combination of Watership Down and Mike Hammer Private Eye? Sound appealing? This is a great book called Marked Territory by Neal Litherland.

Watch this space! Hunker down, avoid the virus, and read!