Here we go again, with more great books published by Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press!

On April 30, we published Virginia DeMarce’s marvelous The Legions of Pestilence about what happens when the up-timers are faced with the scourge of the plague. They know what it is, they know how to fight it, and they die anyway. Why? Read the book and find out.

The Vampiress of Londinium is the second book in Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff’s WarSpell series. The Merge has captured a young woman, newly made a vampire, and Van Helsing and his friends have to figure out what to do with a vampire who is so obviously a good person.

We also published the second volume in Stoney Compton’s Prefecture Series, Twilight of Empire. The Axis won World War II, and the United States has been divided up between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The former allies are now at war with each other, and Alaska Territory is in rebellion. Is this the twilight of both empires?

We were thrilled to be the publishers of Chuck Gannon’s Lost Signals of the Terran Republic anthology. Twenty new tales in the Caine Riordan series, the Nebula- and Dragon-nominated best-selling universe of interstellar action, exploration, and intrigue.

The Persistence of Visions – Charles E. Gannon

Botwright – Gray Rinehart

Blaming Caine – Barbara Krasnoff

Only Human – Kacey Ezell

Only Animals – Mike Massa

Extraction – Robert E Waters

The Information Assayer – Robert R. Chase

Survival Turnips – Joelle Presby

Among the Blind – Alex Shvartsman

Alone – Doug Dandridge

Unreclaimable Losses – Walter H. Hunt

From the Stars – Vonnie Winslow Crist

Common Ground – Alan Brown

Beauty in Monochrome – Lawrence M. Schoen

Sub Rosa – Alistair Kimble

Crate 88 – Griffin Barber

Deep Cold – Robert E. Hampson

Collaborator – Tom Doyle

The Banjo and the Shift Drive – Rick Boatright

A Fragment of Empire – Marc Miller

The Ellsberg Variations – Jean Marie Ward

We also published another great novel by David R. Palmer, Tracking. Candy’s back:

Candidia Smith-Foster is still as adorable and deadly as she was in Emergence. Now she deals with Neo-Nazis in the post-apocalyptic world she found when she Emerged from the bunker her dad left for her.

Coming up, we have City By the Bay: Stories of Novaya Russiya, by Walter H. Hunt. In the North American territory granted to the tsar by treaty, his servants and soldiers build a settlement, Saint Helena, that grows to be the great city by the Golden Gate Bay. Adventurers of all kinds pass through or take up residence, winning and losing fortunes against the backdrop of the Great Game between mighty empires.

Also forthcoming is a set of novellas by Eric Flint and John Lambshead, Venus, Mars and Hell.

Storming Hell

It was difficult enough for the young women from the Pilot’s Academy to fit into the male world of the Royal Navy but, as a new graduate, Sarah Brown expected to be put on the Luna-London shuttle. Instead, she had to guide one of Queen Mary’s warships across the vast distances between the stars for Captain Fitzwilliam—into the very jaws of Hell. Starships, spirit guides, black magic, and the problem of the correct sequence of cutlery usage in the Officer’s Mess.

Storming Venus

When Captain Fitzwilliam rescued Sarah from the Exorcists, she discovered he had an ulterior motive, apart from the usual. The Prussian Secret Police had a secret laboratory on Venus experimenting with a spirit-warped disease and Naval Intelligence needed someone to pilot a secret high-tech flying machine straight into the clouds of Venus. And guess who Fitzwilliam had chosen for the task? An aggressive spirit of a Roman soldier, a love-sick flying reptile, and a fence charged with black magic are merely the start of Sarah’s problems.

In the Matter of Savinkov

Fourteen-year-old Charlotte Luff is excited by her trip to Mars in the company of her admirable father and annoying little brother. But excitement turns into concern and then terror as she discovers herself drawn into the savage secret wars between the tsar’s secret police, the Okhrana, Russian revolutionary assassins, and Martians with motives of their own.

This is just a sampling of what’s coming! Keep checking our Forthcoming section for more details.