Please join us at Spikecon in Layton, Utah on July 4-7 for the 1632 Minicon. Spikecon is actually four cons in one: Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019, 1632 Minicon 2019, and Manticon 2019. Westercon is the West Coast Science Fantasy Conference, and is held in different cities each year. NASFiC is the North American Science Fiction Convention, and it is held in years when Worldcon is located outside North America. Manticon is an Honor Harrington convention.

[All times are panel start times]


Thursday, July 4

7:00 pm—Meet and Greet the 1632 Universe

All writers and fans are invited to mingle and get acquainted. If you’ve never been to a minicon before, come and be social!


Friday, July 5

10:15 am — Eric Flint Spotlight

Eric Flint is one of the Guests of Honor at SpikeCon/NASFiC

11:30 am and 12:45 pm — Weird Tech (double panel)

Panelists: Rick Boatright, Kevin Evans, Walt Boyes

Because of what the up-timers know, and what they brought with them, technology in the 1632 Universe is taking turns down some very strange avenues (and a few dark alleys). Come hear about dirigibles that actually work, emperors driving cars, re-inventing radio, gun designs, and what the impact of 300 years of discoveries will have on seventeenth-century Europe, Asia, and Africa. It isn’t Steampunk but it sure is Weird Tech!

2 pm — Incorporating Real Down-Timers

Panelists: Mark Huston, Brad and Sue Sinor, Griffin Barber, Virginia DeMarce, David Carrico

The Ring of Fire changed much for the 1600s but some things remained the same. Many of the famous and infamous real down-timers (those who were born in the 1600s) show up, but some of them very much changed. Do you want some tips in how to incorporate them in your writing?

3;15 pm — Military in 1632 or Why Seal Team 6 Isn’t Coming

Panelists: Rick Boatright, Gorg Huff, Kevin Evans

Yes, the up-timers brought back some military technology and knowledge with them but what about some of the more effective military? The only military types who show up after the Ring of Fire had to be in Grantville (Mannington, WV) at the time of the event. Grantville is a small town, and we know everybody who came back. Unless Seal Team 6 happened to be passing through, they will not be showing up. And they weren’t passing through.

4:30 — open

5:45 pm — Spotlight on new books and snippets

Panelists: Eric Flint, David Carrico, Griffin Barber, Walt Boyes, Shoshana Edwards

We have new books and new writers for you to meet. Books from the 1632 Universe, by Baen Books, and by Ring of Fire Press, as well as Ring of Fire Press’s non-1632 collection. All welcome!


Saturday, July 6

11:30 am — What is Happening in the New World?

Panelists: Mark Huston, Karen Evans, Kevin Evans, Bjorn Hasseler, Walt Boyes

The Ring of Fire started in Europe but now the New World is experiencing changes, too. For the first few years, writing in the New World was restricted, but now that’s opening up. We have new books by Walter Hunt, Herb Sakalaucks, Karen and Kevin Evans, and others coming out.

12;45 pm — Religion and Philosophy in 1632

Panelists: Virginia DeMarce, Mark Huston, Bjorn Hasseler, Griffin Barber

Europe in the 1600s was a hotbed of religious and political upheaval. How is the Ring of Fire mixing into this furball? What is going to be the effect of 300 years of theology and the Second Vatican Council dropping into the midst of the fray?

3:15 pm — Women and Diversity in 1632: It’s a Mixed-Up World

Panelists: Eric Flint, Virginia DeMarce, Karen Evans, Griffin Barber, Joy Ward

Is the Ring of Fire a white boys’ club? Not on your life! The Ring of Fire landed in a world where trade was truly international, and women were more empowered in some ways than you would expect. A bunch of 1990s Americans just adds to the colorful mix. What happens when seventeenth-century mores hit 1990s customs, clothing, and attitudes?

4:30 pm — Money Makes the World Go Round

Panelists: Gorg Huff, David Carrico, Virginia DeMarce

How does finance work in the Ring of Fire world? Much of what we know as modern banking was invented in the 1600s, but the up-timers know a few tricks themselves. What’s OPM, Kipper and Wipper, and a Becky? Have you seen the Wish Book?

5:45 pm — Book Signing and Trivia Contest

Panelists: All 1632 and Ring of Fire writers

Come meet Eric Flint and our other writers, pick up a book or two, get autographs, and compete in our trivia contest (with prizes!).


Sunday, July 7

10:15 am and 11:30 am — Snerking the plots!!! (double panel)

Panelists: Eric Flint, Walt Boyes, Bjorn Hasseler, David Carrico, Griffin Barber

This is the one panel no Ring of Fire aficionado wants to miss! Eric Flint snerks the plots! What is going to happen in the Ring of Fire world? You’ll have a better look at the future than Nostradamus!

12:45 pm — What is Happening with Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press?

Panelists: Eric Flint, Walt Boyes, Gorg Huff, Joy Ward, Shoshana Edwards

Wow, have we got some great new writers and books coming your way! Ring of Fire Press publishes great 1632 Universe alternate history, and also great alternate history, science fiction, and fantasy from other authors, like Mirella Sands, Robert Waters, David R. Palmer, Ryk Spoor, David Gerrold, and many more.