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About Grantville Gazette

In April of the year 2000, a six-mile sphere centered on Grantville, West Virginia was displaced in space and time to Germany and May, 1631. The inhabitants of Grantville decided to start the American revolution early; the nobility of Europe were not amused.

That story has spawned more than 25 books, over 70 issues of this magazine, more than fifteen annual conventions and works by over 130 authors. This site and its sister site 1632.org are the hubs for all information related to the universe including information for prospective authors.

The 1632.org site collects in one place, all the technical information, archives, and files of interest to the happy habitants of the Baen’s Bar 1632 Group. You are invited to browse this site, get involved in the discussion groups and even read the free e-book versions of the story that started it all – 1632.

This site provides a publishing opportunity for authors who want to play in our sandbox. Since 2004 we’ve encouraged authors to submit original stories set in the 1632 universe.

The Grantville Gazette is published bi-monthly by 1632, Inc. We hope you enjoy this alternate history universe.